Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Wafer Paper Cookies Redux

Easter was a busy time, but I did manage to make 133 cookies for the annual Easter Egg Hunt at our house (+ some 20 cookies, which I ate in the process of making them).

Some were old favorites, like these colorful floral eggs:

I also made lots of chicks hatching from eggs:

New for this Easter, I made some bunny rabbit cookies from Victorian (or Edwardian, if we're gonna be sticklers) Stecher postcards, with momma and daddy rabbits with baby bunnies. These were very popular with the under-5 set:

The second new set, musical bunnies playing instruments, was the most popular with the under-3 crowd:

The third new set, vintage bunnies from Victorian postcards, was my personal favorite:

They will all be available through my shop for next Easter.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Dragons and Knights Wafer Paper Cookies

These cookies were requested by a customer, who needed dragon cookies for her son's birthday party. Even my 3yo, who doesn't really know much about dragons yet, thought them fantastic!

As is my wont, I used Sweet Sugarbelle's Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe. The wafers come in three sizes and shapes, and the cutters I used were:

  1. The middle cutter (2"x3") from the Ateco 3-Piece Rectangular Cookie Cutter Set;
  2. The 2.5" square cutter from the Ateco 5-Piece Fluted Square Cookie Cutter Set;
  3. The 3" round cutter from the Ateco 4-Piece Round Fluted Cookie Cutter Set.

All of the images are used under paid license.

These wafer papers are available for purchase here.

A step-by-step how-to for decorating cookies with wafer papers can be found here.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shark Jaws Wafer Paper Cookies

Between Finding Nemo, Shark Tale, and visits to various aquariums, my 3yo is now crazy about sharks. It was only a matter of time before I made him his very own shark cookies—we had them for a playdate with his best friend, Maya, 4. They were a huge hit!

For the cookies, I used the Candy Corn Cookie Cutter from Karen's Cookies. As usual, I used Sugarbelle's Sugar Cookie Dough, making thicker cookies than usual, to make sure they were more sturdy. After the icing was hard, I wafer-papered them by "painting" the whole surface of the shark with cornsyrup and a craft brush, about 3 at a time; when the cornsyrup had sat for about 5 minutes and gotten stickier, I pasted the papers on. This is the better method when you don't intend to give your cookie an icing border, and in high-humidity conditions. There is less curling up of the edges; you still have to tamp down the edges a few times, but you get a pretty decent result.

The wafer papers are available for purchase in my store.
A step-by-step how-to for decorating cookies with wafer papers can be found here.

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