Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fairy Cookies - Warwick Goble

You may remember my first set of fairy cookies from wafer papers, by Australian artist Ida Rentouil Outhwaite. For my friend Alice's birthday last week, I made her a new set of fairy cookies. The art is by Warwick Goble, from early 1900s children's storybooks.

I made the cookies with Sugarbelle's Sugar Cookie Dough, using a 2.5" x 3" cutter from the R & M Fluted Rectangular Cookie Cutter Set. Piped and flooded in white, wafer papered, and piped the borders with ivory icing in super-stiff consistency (think spackle).

The fairy cookie wafer papers are available for purchase in my store.
A step-by-step how-to for decorating cookies with wafer papers can be found here.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Bees and Beehives Cookies

My friend Carrie is an apiarist and a bee lover, so it was only natural that, for her birthday in March, I cooked up some bee and beehive cookies.

I made the cookies with Sugarbelle's sugar cookie recipe. The little round bee and flower cookies I made with a 1.75" round scalloped (fluted) cutter from the Fox Run Plain and Crinkled Double Sided Biscuit Cutter Set. The small rectangles I made with a 2" x 2.5" cookie cutter from the R & M Fluted Rectangular Cookie Cutter Set. The oval cookie I made using a 2.25" x 3" scalloped cookie cutter from the Fox Run 9-Piece Plain and Crinkled Oval Cookie Cutter Set.

I piped and flooded the cookies with white icing, "glued" on the wafer papers, and piped the borders with a #14 star tip, using parchment-colored icing.

The wafer papers are available at my shop.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

LilaLoa's April 2013 Cookie Challenge

This month, one of my cookie idols (and everyone else's too), Georganne of LilaLoa, set up a Cookie Challenge. The idea is to "think outside the cutter"—take a perfectly ordinary cookie cutter and reimagine it, use it for something quite different than its original intent. The cutter for this month is your run-of-the-mill engagement ring cookie cutter, which you can buy just about anywhere on the web:

I haven't done any, and I mean ANY, traditional cookie decorating in over a year—I never had much skill to begin with, and, after I discovered wafer papers could make me LOOK like I had MADSKILLZ, well, I haven't made a non-wafer paper cookie since (with the exception of Oatmeal Raisin, yesterday). But the second I looked at that cutter, I *SAW* what it "had to be", and despite being really scared, or perhaps because I was scared, I thought I needed to take part.

I ordered my cookie cutter and printed out a few outlines of the cutter so I could sketch what I saw in my head. Now, I've said before and I'll say it again: I cannot draw or paint to save my life. People usually scoff in disbelief when I say this; once they see me try, they embarrassedly agree. Sort of like when I say I can't dance. I can't, but that's another story. Here is what my sketches looked like:

See, now you believe me.

The first outline, my piping icing was way too stiff; I thinned it, and this one was a bit too loose, but by then I was sick of futzing with water and powdered sugar and black icing everywhere, so I just went with the looser border. You should've seen my kitchen, when I was done mixing all the different colors of icing! It was fun. They aren't perfect by any stretch—I couldn't paint the faces very well, and I schmutzed the jawline of the little dutch girl as I was painting her pink cheeks. But, I'm still pretty proud of them and proud of myself that I actually went through with the making of them, instead of just planning and procrastinating (and chickening out). :)

I should've waited until tomorrow, to get midday photos without long, evening shadows, but I was too excited and impatient to post these :)

The challenge runs until the end of the month, so you still have time to enter! Visit LilaLoa's Cookie Challenge for more details and to see all the fun entries!

Happy Decorating! Ani

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Delft Blue Easter Chick Tile Cookies

My neighbor, Marcia, collects Delft blue porcelain—she still has the Delft blue porcelain cookies I made for her a year ago! I found some gorgeous blue and yellow kitchen towels and decided to make cookies to complement them, and to give them to her for Easter. This time, I told her she'd better just take a photo and eat the cookies!

I licensed a clip art border and colored it blue. Next, I found three early 1900s Easter postcards with cute yellow chicks on them, isolated them in Photoshop, and put them in the blue frames. I love how they turned out. So did my 2-year-old son, who managed to take a bite out of one before I got the photos taken. Needless to say, Marcia only got 8 cookies, instead of my intended 9 :D

The wafer papers are available at my shop.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Texas Bluebonnet Cookies

The Texas Bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis), our state flower, is now in bloom, warming the hearts of all passersby on roadsides. I wanted to make a bluebonnet cookie, and found a print from 1919, which I thought perfect.

At first, I tried a simple purple border with a #14 star tip. It wasn't quite right.

I then tried a beige border (#14 star)—it was maybe too plain; though, had I been giving them as a present to a botanist, they might have been perfect.

Next, I tried white (#14 star), but they looked somehow too bridal.

Together on a plate, they did look quite nice, though, and I gave a set to my friend Amber, whose favorite flower is the Bluebonnet. But I still wanted to try one more border:

I mixed a lighter purple with a darker purple in streaks inside a piping bag with a #14 star tip, and got a two-tone purple border. I piped it in a left diagonal streak/right diagonal streak pattern, and ended up with what I think looks like a bluebonnet border. These I sent to my aunt, who loved them!

I used a 1.25"x3.25" rectangle cookie cutter, which I had custom-made; it is now available from the etsy seller PlasticsinPrint, here. I had long wanted a cookie cutter this size and will be using it again soon.

The wafer papers are available at my shop.

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