Saturday, May 18, 2013

Victorian Children Silhouette Cookies

These silhouettes of Victorian / Edwardian children playing are from early 1900s postcards by artist Bertl Werner. There is an innocence and a timelessness to them, which I found very appealing.

I have long planned to try my hand at gluten-free cookies, so that my gluten-sensitive friends could get some of my cookies, but I had a hard time choosing a recipe and an even harder time getting the ingredients, once I made up my mind which recipe to use. In the end, I ordered all of the ingredients through Amazon. I chose to do Jesicake's Gluten-Free Version of Lilaloa's Chocolate Cookies, and I'm glad I did; they tasted so good nobody could tell they were gluten-free! I used the 2" x 2.5" rectangular cutter from the R & M Fluted Rectangular Cookie Cutter Set. They were iced with white, wafer-papered, and given a border with a #16 star tip.

The wafer papers are available for purchase in my store.
A step-by-step how-to for decorating cookies with wafer papers can be found here.


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