Sunday, May 19, 2013

Asian Flower Porcelain Plate Cookies

My godmother was long overdue for cookies—but I had to wait until I had figured out which gluten-free cookie dough was actually tasty, and not like cardboard, before making hers. Since Jesicake's Gluten-Free Version of Lilaloa's Chocolate Cookies was excellent, my godmother has cookies on the way. She is a lover of porcelain and of flowers, so I made her this set of Asian porcelain flower plate designs from the late 1800s.

I used the 2.5" round cutter (it's more like a 2.25" usable area, because of the fluting) from the Ateco 4-Piece Round Fluted Cookie Cutter Set, but any 2.5" fluted round or 2.25" plain-edged round cutter would do for the images. Iced with white, border piped with a #16 star tip using super-stiff icing.

The wafer papers are available for purchase in my store.
A step-by-step how-to for decorating cookies with wafer papers can be found here.


  • Eileen Gonzalez says:
    January 18, 2017 at 7:42 PM

    I order Wafer paper last time and i'm interested now to buy you more... Do you still sell thoes?

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