Friday, April 26, 2013

Bees and Beehives Cookies

My friend Carrie is an apiarist and a bee lover, so it was only natural that, for her birthday in March, I cooked up some bee and beehive cookies.

I made the cookies with Sugarbelle's sugar cookie recipe. The little round bee and flower cookies I made with a 1.75" round scalloped (fluted) cutter from the Fox Run Plain and Crinkled Double Sided Biscuit Cutter Set. The small rectangles I made with a 2" x 2.5" cookie cutter from the R & M Fluted Rectangular Cookie Cutter Set. The oval cookie I made using a 2.25" x 3" scalloped cookie cutter from the Fox Run 9-Piece Plain and Crinkled Oval Cookie Cutter Set.

I piped and flooded the cookies with white icing, "glued" on the wafer papers, and piped the borders with a #14 star tip, using parchment-colored icing.

The wafer papers are available at my shop.


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