Sunday, March 3, 2013

St Patrick's Day Cookies, 2013

As we've already settled, I have a long-established love affair with the art of Ellen H. Clapsaddle. For this St. Patrick's Day, I made two different sets—one with the now-familiar "Clapsaddle kids", one of a more unusual bent, though still Clapsaddle: Clapsaddle Irish maidens and gents. The first set was sent to my aunt, the second to my good friend, Andrea.

Both were made with my trusty sugar cookie recipe from Sugarbelle, using the middle cutter (2"x3") from the Ateco 3-Piece Rectangular Cookie Cutter Set. The first set got a white border, the second a green border, both with super-stiff icing, with my beloved #16 star tip.

The wafer papers are available at my shop.


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