Friday, March 8, 2013

Little Pink Rose Cookies

Two things brought these cookies about: Firstly, I had an email requesting Cath Kidston-inspired rose cookies. I obviously couldn't use her designs, since I'm not about to knowingly violate copyright—her designs are inspired by Victorian roses, however, so I went back to those, because they are long since out of copyright. This rose cookie design is one of many I came up with, so if roses are your thing, keep your eyes peeled. Secondly, I had made some pink icing, which was too pink to use for the cookies I had originally intended the icing for, so I thought I'd make a cookie on which I could use it.

I made the cookies from sugar dough with a 1.75" round scalloped (fluted) cutter from the Fox Run Plain and Crinkled Double Sided Biscuit Cutter Set. The cookies were then piped and flooded and let dry 24hrs. I piped the borders with a #16 star cutter with pink icing (which was Cotton Candy flavored, as all pink icing should be). I'm giving these to my friend Amber's grandmother, but I was also thinking of making some for one of my toddler's dolls' teaparties.

The wafer papers are available at my shop.


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