Friday, March 29, 2013

Colorful Floral Easter Egg Cookies

These are probably my favorite cookies this Easter—each little cookie is like a jewel, begging to be eaten! A set of 20, on 2.5" oval cookies from the Fox Run 9-Piece Plain and Crinkled Oval Cookie Cutter Set; they could just as well have been on 2.5" egg cookies, but the oval speaks to me right now. The images are all from early 1900s Easter postcards. As usual, piped and flooded with white, and "glued" on the wafer papers. They don't need a border if you make the edges neat, so that saves a lot of piping and a lot of time, while yielding a gorgeous result.  I made a few extras and gave a dozen each as Easter gifts.

The wafer papers are available at my shop.


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