Sunday, February 24, 2013

Victorian Circus Cookies

My 2-year-old has fallen in love with the idea of a circus—we read Neil Gaiman's new children's book, Chu's Day, in which a baby panda named Chu visits the circus, and it's all circus for us now. Planning on taking him to see his first circus in April. To tide him over, I decided to make circus cookies for him, using Victorian die-cut scraps. I ended up with 31 total, and you can probably imagine how long it take to bake them, pipe them, flood them, wafer paper them, and pipe borders for them [FOREVER!]. His delight with them was worth every second of work, though :) He has eaten two so far, and I'll save him a few more—the rest will go to friends' little ones. His favorites were the drum-playing elephant and the green clown; mine were the monkey on horseback and the barrel-dancing elephant.

I used 6 different cutters for these:
You could get away with using just the first two cutters and cutting a few bigger rectangle cookies by hand—I absolutely adore that plaque set, though. Adds a certain whimsy :)

The wafer papers are available at my shop.


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