Saturday, May 26, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Wafer Paper Cookies

Among the first wafer paper cookies I made were these Alice in Wonderland cookies. They are from Lewis Carroll's Nursery Alice (1890), the only edition for which the illustrator, Sir John Tenniel, coloured the plates. I felt the beaded edges, painstaking to make, were worth it—they add to the porcelain teaparty feel and make these nearly 3" cookies feel delicate. I used a cookie cutter from the R & M Fluted Rectangular Cookie Cutter Set—it seemed pricey at the time, but has turned out to be the set I use most.

These wafer papers are available for purchase here. For more detailed directions for how to use wafer papers,
visit: How to Decorate Cookies with Wafer Papers.
Happy baking! :)


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