Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Magical Hedgehog Cookies

The moment I saw the IKEA forest animal cookie cutter set, I fell in love with the hedgehogs.

Forest Animal Cookie Cutters

I had relatives visiting, so the cookies had to wait but, night after night, I kept dreaming about them. I had known the moment I saw the cutter, that I didn't want to make "realistic" hedgehogs—I wanted to make magical hedgehogs, who lived in a magical forest.

This is what I made:

Hedgehog cookies outlined
First, I piped the outlines for the hedgehog cookies.

Then, I flooded them and plopped in some polka dots.

Magical Hedgehog Cookies
Lastly, I did the snouts and feet. Next day, when the icing
was hard, I painted in eyes with an edible black marker.

I had a million hedgehogs, so I decided to make a few alternates as well:

The polka dots are made immediately after flooding the cookie with the base color, by dropping in a round dot with a contrasting color, also in flooding thickness. As you saw from the first cookie, it takes a bit of practice to get nice, round dots of an even size. The hedgehogs were almost too cute to eat, but eat them we did. They tasted just as magical as they looked! :)



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