Monday, January 30, 2012

Forest Creature Cookies + Piping & Flooding

For Christmas, my friend Carrie got me this great set of forest animal cookie cutters from IKEA:

Forest Animal Cookie Cutters

Naturally, I itched to make cookies with them. I decided almost straight away to not make any snails—seriously, how many people want to eat a snail cookie. I'm planning on using that cutter at some later date to make whale cookies instead! I also had instant plans for the hedgehog cookie cutter, which I'll share in the next post. The remaining cookies I made into somewhat realistic-looking forest critters.

The bear cookies turned out both brown bears and polar bears, for example:

brown bear gingerbread cookie
Archibald, the brown bear, known to his friends as "Archie"

Polar Bear Cookie
Shiro, the polar bear cub

Oh yes, I should warn you—I have a tendency to give my cookies names :D

The squirrels I found very difficult, as the photo of this little guy will testify:

Squirrel Cookie
Frank, the squirrel from Illi-NOIS

Then, there were the moose:

moose cookie
Egbert, the ever-ready moose

Disco Moose Cookie
Elvis, the disco moose

Lastly, there were the foxes. I took pictures of the different stages, so you can see how they ended up where they did:

Fox cookie with piped outline
I piped an outline around the cookies with a #2 tip

Fox cookies, flooded
I flooded them with orange and white, respectively

fox cookie
Next day, I piped outlines & painted faces

I thought I had them, until the very end—I can't draw to save my life, and the tip of the edible black marker is thick and imprecise. The foxes ended up looking kinda dorky.

Even though I'm a bit embarrassed, I figured I'd post these so you can keep tabs on my learning curve. I will go back and make more some day when I've improved my skills (and figured out a better edible marker). Point is, they tasted great and I had a blast making them :)

Next post, I'll talk to you about hedgehogs. Until then, I hope you have fun baking & decorating!



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